Pros: Cheap prices, Amazing Tutors, Fast Support

Cons: No freebies

My buddy is a big pothead who tokes all day and yet gets amazing grades in college.  His secret?  So finals are coming up and I have this huge paper on microeconomics due.  The deadline is tomorrow and I havent even started on it.  I am freaking out and my buddy says just post it on AceMyHW.  So, I posted it on the site.  And guess what? I got the paper delivered to me within 6 hours! I couldnt believe it.  This was a final term paper which I thought would take days of research and I got it from the site within 6 hours.  Being the skeptic that I am, I figured the tutor had probably just copied and pasted it from the net.  So I asked my buddy (who is a T.A. by the way) to run it through turnitin and guess what? It came back with no hits found! I was ecstatic.  Now, look I am not condoing cheating here.  I do believe that everyone should work hard and not cheat through school.  But, sometimes you can’t do all the work given by these professors and I sure as hell was not going to fail my economics class.  I mean I would rather kill myself instead of listening to Professor Ragnatarim (Ranghnatarim ?? ) drone on and on about the supply demand elasticity curve.

All in all, my experiences on AceMyHW have been great.  I have used the site here and there when I was struggling with homework.  They have a lot of tutors on the site who have literally thousands (yes, thousands) of reviews from students.  The site itself is easy to navigate and I betcha my grandma can probably use it fine 🙂

The only thing which I think would make this site better is if they allowed you to buy papers on demand.  I mean Student of Fortune (RIP!) let you buy old papers and that was great.  But, hey I would rather wait a bit and get a new paper (so it passed Turnitin) instead of buying a cheaper old paper and getting caught.

Anyways,  give them a shot and let me know what you think.  Here is the site